Sunday 10: Irish flu edition

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Blatantly stealing from my friends at Pax Arcana, who post a regular Friday Random 10, in which they pick and list 10 songs, truly at random, from their iPod.  My version, however, won’t be quite as random and/or esoteric.  I’ll just list my 10 Sunday Times picks.  This also makes my Random 10 version more intellectual than Pax’s, although perhaps not on this inaugural Sunday, when we are feeling a touch under the weather with the Irish flu.  Nevertheless, here we go:

First, this Sunday saw the debut of the New York Times “Your Taxes” section.  Being married to someone on the media/advertising side of publishing, I am now fully aware of the tricky little packages papers put together to pull in ads, such as last Sunday’s behemoth, four-color “Oscars” section.  (A favorite Sunday game of Tim’s is trying to make me guess how much the Times gets for, say, a full-page, four-color Gucci ad in the Styles section or those full-page ads that crazy people take out to write their own editorials.  Needless to say, he finds this game a lot more fun than I.)   “Your Taxes” was nicely hidden inside the Business section, and had almost no advertising, so I’m not really sure who the intended readership was, unless it was, in fact, tax geeks like me.  Anyway, as excited as I was to read it, it was mostly full of gloomy pronouncements on things like the Alternative Minimum Tax.  But I did find interesting the article on how to calculate baseball players’ out-of-state taxes and whether or not selling things on eBay is a tax liability (make sure to accurately calculate your basis!), as well as an essay on why we need taxes in the first place (sort of gratuitous…)

OK, so that was three.  From the “Taxes” section!

The Style section suffered from some February thin-ness (though next Sunday’s post-Valentine’s Day edition should beef it up a bit) and the “Night Out With” article on Chace Crawford was a bit disappointing.

The Week in Review had an interesting spin on Britney with this op-ed, as well as a very helpful explanation on what Super Delegates actually are and why, according to this front page article, we’re hearing so much about them.

A new convert to, I appreciated this story on how the writers’ strike has driven actors to the internet.

The Magazine was my favorite section this week, especially the following stories:

– An essay on girls by one of my favorites, Peggy Orenstein.

– TV writer Virginia Heffernan on why people like to watch other people act wasted on YouTube.

– This food essay by Kiran Desai.

Finally, a bonus post from the website — a 1992 column by Anna Quindlen, long my inspiration for thinking, reporting, and writing.  As usual, she articulates thoughts I didn’t even know I had — and how fascinating to see how prescient she was.


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