Chick night

February 6, 2008 at 8:20 pm | Posted in Oprah, politics, wine | Leave a comment

omag_200802_cover_103x1262.jpgI am a cliche.  Tim is away.  When I got home tonight, Janet already had bathed the Bug, so all I had to do was cuddle her and then plop her in the crib.  Whichomag_200802_cover_103x126.jpgomag_200802_cover_103x126.jpg haomag_200802_cover_103x126.jpgomag_200802_cover_103x126.jpgs left me ample time to do the following:  pour a bowl of Special K, open a bottle of wine, and plow through DVR’d Oprah’s.  I watched one episode on matchmakers and one on “The Secret.”  I called my sister.  “What are you doing?” she asked.  “Drinking wine and watching Oprah.”  A screech or maybe a squeal from over the phone.  Did she drop her new iPhone?  Burn herself on the stove?  “I’m doing the same thing!” she shrieked.  So, not only am I drinking wine (Ravenswood Merlot — I did not buy it, but it’s perfect for when you just want red wine and don’t necessarily need for it to go well with food — i.e., Special K) and watching Oprah, but am on the phone with my sister, who is doing the exact same thing, discussing Oprah’s “Love List.”  This is why it is nice to have a husband who sometimes travels, leaving you the ability to do all of the above.

One of the commercials that aired during Oprah — it must have been a national ad, since it wasn’t targeted specifically at Massachusetts, nor have I seen it up until now (although, because Oprah was DVR’d, it obviously aired before yesterday’s elections) — was Caroline Kennedy endorsing Obama.  My mother has been telling me about this commercial for days and how moved she was by it.  And, indeed, once I finally saw it, as was I:  I didn’t second-guess my vote from yesterday, but it made me fervently hope that what Obama has to offer does not go away come August — or November. 

Also:  Thank you, Pax Arcana, for the endorsement! 


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