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Anything she can do…

Anything she can do…

Anything she can do…

 Before the rumor that Katie Holmes was running the Boston marathon was debunked, she fired up my competitive side.  Much to Tim’s derision (“Can you really say you ‘ran a marathon’ if you did it in more than five hours?”), she completed the NYC marathon in November, bra-less (check it, above) and flanked by bodyguards.  And if she were running Boston, certainly I could pull it off, right? (Indeed, I had wanted to run Boston last year on the 10th year anniversary of my close-to-five-hour 1997 bandit run, but Little Bug put a stop to those plans…)  I even went so far as to secure a charity number, until Ellen and Nell (ever the voices of sanity) reminded me that although, like me, she does have a baby, Katie Holmes also has the resources to hire people for essential time-saving tasks, most notably styling her hair and fetching her Starbucks — while I have to waste precious training minutes doing both for myself. 

Instead, the three of us are going to attempt the Great Bay Half Marathon on April 6.  Tim is going to run it as well, but since he runs 12 miles every Sunday morning, with or without a hangover and will finish probably a good hour-and-a-half before we do, his undertaking is not quite the production ours is.  What this means is that even though all I want to do on this gloomy, rainy Super Tuesday is go home and watch MSNBC with a glass of wine in my hand, I will go out and run five miles in the dark.  Anyway, our logic is this:  we’ll get in shape before a month of pre-graduation partying, before bar review hell, and before Ellen’s wedding.  And training for a half-marathon should still allow me ample time to fetch my own Starbucks.


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